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Selecting the Right Sleep Provider

March 10, 2017

Select the Right Sleep Center for your testing There are important things to consider when choosing a sleep center. One of the most important questions to ask a sleep lab is the facility accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)? AASM accredited facilities have gone through an onsite survey and review of policy and procedures.  Rest … Read more

Why are we not getting the sleep we need?

March 10, 2017

Most likely several things come into play when determining why we aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. In the absence of a sleep disorder, one of the biggest culprits is our lifestyle. In a world of constant distractions such as later work times, electronic devices, and social media it is no wonder we are not getting enough sleep. … Read more

What is the Delayed Phase Syndrome?

March 10, 2017

Simply stated it’s an acquired jet lag. The physiologic basics for this lies in the fact that our brains are on a twenty six hour clock not a twenty four hour clock. Let me illustrate. Say you sleep from eleven PM to seven AM seven days a week. You’re happy and have no sleep issues. … Read more

Bedroom Settings for Quality Sleep

December 20, 2016

If you have health issues with your overall energy, wakefulness, and sleep in general, have you ever asked yourself “How does where I sleep impact my life?” Perhaps that question may go unnoticed for a long time, until it becomes a real danger to your health and productivity. From a post on the Wisconsin Rapids … Read more

Alcohol’s Relation to Insomnia

December 18, 2016

This is something that gets overlooked all too often. Most people have witnessed an intoxicated person in a “deep slumber” or “passed out”, but this is only as it appears to be when it comes to the quality of sleep he or she is experiencing. Alcohol actually cuts down on REM sleep and inhibits the … Read more