American Sleep Medicine is a provider of high quality Sleep Diagnostic Testing

About Us

American Sleep Medicine is a provider of high quality Sleep Diagnostic Testing. ASM was established in 2002 and designed from the ground up to provide the latest in sleep medicine. Our objective is to provide the highest level of patient care possible in both the diagnosis and treatment of sleep related disorders.

We are located in 13 states and in 17 cities. With over 200 bedrooms, we are one of the largest providers in our industry. These numbers are expected to grow as we expand our organization and establish new centers across the nation.

We offer the following services:

  • Consultation with a Physician Board Certified in Sleep
  • In lab diagnostic testing
  • CPAP titration testing day or night
  • Home Sleep Testing for diagnostic screening

What you will experience with American Sleep Medicine:

  • Fast, friendly service. Guaranteed to get you into any of our offices within 7 business days
  • Consultation with a highly qualified Physician Board Certified in Sleep Medicine
  • A telephone call within 2 business days of your study with results
  • Hand delivered reports to your referring physician within 7 days

American Sleep Medicine Mission Statement:

The mission of American Sleep Medicine, LLC is to provide the best patient care to those we serve and attend to them in an efficient and quality manner. We strive to offer superior service, high quality tests, and a pleasant environment for our patients. Patient Care is our #1 priority!

Contact our headquarters office and billing department:

By e-mail:
By Phone: (904) 517-5500 or 1-855-875-3372
By Fax: (904) 517-5501

Start Living a Fuller, Healthier Life

By having your sleep disorder diagnosed and treated, you’ll finally begin enjoying a fuller life. Here are some of the ways you’ll enjoy more health, happiness and productivity:

  • Experience better moods
  • Enjoy better alertness, concentration, and ability to remember
  • Reduce your risk of accidents
  • Reduce risk of serious medical conditions

Find out if you need help.