What happens after your sleep study is completed?

Sleep Study Results

What happens after your sleep study is completed?

What happens after your sleep study is completed?Study results are evaluated

After you complete your study at American Sleep Medicine, LLC’s, your study will then be evaluated by a sleep technician. In addition to what they observed during your study, they will also look at what information the machines captured. They will look for things like Apneas, Hypopneas, or Respiratory Event Related Arousals (RERA). The information is then reviewed by our sleep physician, who will determine if you have a sleep disorder and prescribe a plan of care.

Results are communicated to you

Our physician or Clinical Coordinator will call you to either schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results, or to communicate the results to you over the phone. We will also hand deliver the study results to your referring physician or Primary Care Physician.

Your treatment or plan of care is prescribed

The results of your study may indicate that you have a sleep disorder which means you may need something beyond improving your Sleep Environment or Sleep Routine. This could be a prescription for medications, surgery, or therapy such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). We will coordinate your therapy with a provider of your choice to ensure you begin to get a restful night sleep as soon as possible.

We monitor your progress and support you

We want to make sure that you are comfortable with and benefiting from your therapy. We will be in contact with you frequently as you adjust to the therapy and begin to experience improved quality of sleep.

But, don’t wait for us to call you if you are having trouble with your therapy or if you have concerns.  Call us immediately so we can adjust your therapy if necessary.

Start Living a Fuller, Healthier Life

By having your sleep disorder diagnosed and treated, you’ll finally begin enjoying a fuller life. Here are some of the ways you’ll enjoy more health, happiness and productivity:

  • Experience better moods
  • Enjoy better alertness, concentration, and ability to remember
  • Reduce your risk of accidents
  • Reduce risk of serious medical conditions

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